Max Magnetic Field Detector | APK Download For Android

It is metal detecting and measuring Magnetic Field App.
around handset device.

Main Function.

Metal Detector : If there is metallic goods around device, notice with sound, vibrate, and screen color.

Magnetic Field Meter : Measure intensity of Magnetic field around device.


Metal Detector.

– Move device around metallic goods, sound and vibration interval is faster than norm status and screen color changes to red.

– Indicates percentage of detecting metal rate and intensity of magnetic field.

– Pushing reset button changes metal detector that suitable for current magnetic field strength.

Magnetic Field Meter.

– Indicate current intensity of magnetic field around device.
– Main unit is “μT”.
– Pushing Change Scale Button changes range of measuring.


– Sensitivity of sensor.
– Sound On/Off.
– Vibrator On/Off.


– Measuring range or value may differ depends on sensor on device.
– It may cause of damaging sensor or device that device is in over ranged magnetic field.

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