Temple Run Oz – Tips and Tricks to Score Higher and Run Longer

Temple Run Oz is among the best endless runner and adventure games on Android by Imangi Studios. However, scoring high is not going to be that simple. You need to get your hands on this game to break records. You have to travel as far as possible while avoiding obstacles and collecting coins on Yellow Brick Road. In this guide, we are going to share some handy tips and tricks for Temple Run Oz to score high and run for longer.


If you have been habitual to Temple Run or Temple Run 2, you will easily be familiar to the controls in Temple Run: Oz.

For those who do not know, you just have to swipe up to jump over the obstacles and swipe down to slide under the hazards. You can turn on steep corners by swiping left/right.

As you know, you also have to tilt your device side by side to maneuver the character to collect coins and other items. You can double tap to activate power-ups. When you collect gems, you can also use them to run longer to break the records, in the case you fall sooner.

Tips and Tricks for Temple Run Oz

Do not look at the character while playing

One of the biggest mistakes most players make is that they constantly look at the game character instead of looking at his surroundings. Once a character starts running faster, it becomes even harder to track what is coming next. As a result, they end up falling or getting hit by obstacles. It is the main reason why you cannot score high in the game when starting out. Simply look at the movements and look at the obstacles coming in your way.

Boost your score with power-ups

If you are new, you will see some highlighted icons when you are running. Simply run through them and grab them. This way, you can get more coins and score more. You can get the most of power-ups that come on your way or that you can buy from the store. 

Gems can be a lifesaver

Sometimes you score a lot and you get hit unfortunately when you have to go just a few meters ahead to break the previous record. In that case, tap the button “Save Me” and you can continue running. However, do not overdo it as it costs double to save your life again and again. For example, if you fall 5 times, it would cost over 30 gems.

Collect as many Gems as possible

You just have to play several games repeatedly and you can score up to 2 to 3 gems in each game. You can collect up to 100 gems by playing over 50 games. Once you collect over 100 gems, you can play a game to use most of those gems whenever you hit or fall and make an unbeatable score.


So these were some tips and tricks to play Temple Run Oz on Android and score higher. Beginners have to practice more to excel in the game. It is the game of control and focuses and it needs a lot of patience to score high.

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